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Alston & Bird LLP
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Peter L. Schmelzer, CAE 
Executive Director   |   847.952.5108

Staff liaison to Executive Committee of the Board, Board of Governors, Ethics Committee, and Past Presidents Council.


Justina Burk
Director of Membership & Affiliate Relations   |   847.952.5104

Staff liaison to Awards Committee, Conclave of Fellows, Constitution & Bylaws/Policy & Organizational Review Committee, Executive Council of Conclave of Fellows and Membership Committee.


Rich Niebrzydowski
Controller   |   847.952.5117

Staff liaison to Audit Review Committee and Finance Committee.



Ashley Doyle
Manager of Marketing & SAACOFP   |   847.952.5102

Staff liaison to National Student Executive Board, New Physicians Committee, Resident Engagement Committee, Recruiting Students to FM Residencies and Future Leaders Committee.


Stacy Jacobs
Manager of Online Learning & Website   |   847.952.5111

Staff liaison to Osteopathic Principles & Practice Committee and eLearning Committee.


 Joan Kulikowski
Education Manager   |   847.952.5112

Staff liaison to Program Committee and Procedural Medicine Committee.


Bina Mehta
Manager of Residency Programs/Inspections & Trainee Services   |   847.952.5105

Staff liaison to Education & Evaluation Committee and ACOFP Task Force on Transition to the ACGME SAS.


Debbie Sarason
Manager of Practice Enhancement & Quality Reporting   |   847.952.5523

Staff liaison to Federal & State Legislation Committee and Medical Home & Accountable Care Organizations Committee.


Sue Ter Maat

Communications Manager   |   847.952.5533

Staff liaison to Public Health Committee, Medical Outreach Committee, Social Media Committee, FMAH/PR Committee, Women's Committee, Men's Committee and Special Constituencies Committee.


Samantha Grycowski

Graphic Designer   |   847.952.5537

Staff liaison to Editorial Committee.


Brittany Balletto
Membership and Registration Coordinator   |   847.952.5103

Staff liaison to Awards Committee and Conclave of Fellows.

  Dawn Krippinger
Staff Accountant   |   847.952.5107


Cari Lamberg
Continuing Medical Education Administrative Coordinator   |   847.952.5110

Staff liaison to Program Committee and Procedural Medicine Committee.


Judy Schwellenbach
Coordinator of Resident Services   |   847.952.5106

Staff liaison to Osteopathic Clinical Research Committee.



Annie DeVries
Executive Assistant/Governance   |   847.952.5109

Staff liaison to Archival & Historical Committee, Congress Credentialing Committee, Convention & Site Committee, Nominating Committee and Resolutions Review Committee.


Marsha Henriksen
Administrative Assistant   |   847.952.5119

Staff liaison to Auxilary of the ACOFP, New Physician Committee and Preceptorship Committee.

  Isabel Piedra
Receptionist   |   847.952.5100



Belinda Bombei
OFP Managing Editor

Staff liaison to Editorial Committee.


Wim Libby
Associate Manager of Educational & Corporate Support
(p) 804.417.4842
(fax) 804.550-0695


Matt Van Wie
Manager of Educational & Corporate Support
(p) 804.550.2312 or (c) 804.240.3839
(fax) 804.550.0695

Marsha Henriksen
Administrative Assistant   |   847.952.5119
Marsha Henriksen
Administrative Assistant   |   847.952.5119

Marsha Henriksen
Administrative Assistant   |   847.952.5119