Practice Enhancement

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The ACOFP Practice Enhancement Library provides Information and resources to help you run your practice. 

Payment and CMS Policy

Physician payment is no longer based on volume, but on patient-centered, high-quality care, and reduced use of resources. Payment is now computed based on many elements of practice – EMR Meaningful Use, Physician Quality Reporting, Value-Based Modifiers, Care Coordination, etc. Learn how each element can affect your payment and incentives (or penalties). Check back frequently for updates and tools to help you make important decisions for your practice and patients.

Payment Model Toolkit for 2016 and Beyond:
Understanding What is Right for Your Practice

Understand How MACRA, MIPS and APM will impact your payment now and in the future. Two new educational resources by Dr. Zimmerman and Dr. Williams will help you understand the different practice models and how each impacts your revenues. Penalties and Incentives will apply and will increase in 2017-2020. Important practice decisions need to be made now to survive and thrive in this changing environment. 

Patient Engagement:
Behavioral Strategies for Better Health

This series of 3 videos, several presented by Harvard professors who study behavioral health, will give you valuable insights into how to more broadly influence patient behavior and have patients take on more responsibility for their health. Physicians ask why they are accountable for patients who won’t maintain a healthy weight, stop smoking, or manage their diabetes.  In this series,  you will learn how to involve patients in decisions about their own care. Everyone wins when you are able to help patients change bad habits, for good. 

Blueprints for Building a Medical Home

The ACOFP’s 8-session Blueprints for Building a Medical Home series provides a step-by-step methodology for achieving Level 1 NCQA recognition at a minimum, whether or not the practice has an electronic medical records system at this time. 

ICD-10 Resources

ICD-10 has now replaced ICD-9 as of 2015. See below to find resources, webcasts, and tools to help you code with greater specificity in ICD-10. 

On-Demand Presentations

Practice Transformation encompasses many changes for today’s physician. This section includes free online education modules on Meaningful Use; Chronic Care Management; Payment Models; PQRS reporting and other topics. A new topic will be added every month.

PCMH Learning Tools

The concept of a patient-centered medical home (PCMH) is receiving a lot of attention as an important foundation for changing the way primary care services are delivered. 

Rural Practice Initiatives

Rural practices differ from others in many ways. Their practices are smaller and patients have different demographics and illnesses/injuries. Patients behave differently, and referrals to specialists are difficult – patients sometimes have to travel more than 100 miles. Information shared here is specifically geared to provide information and practice assistance for the rural physician.