ICD-10 Resources

ICD-10 has now replaced ICD-9 as of 2015. See below to find resources, webcasts, and tools to help you code with greater specificity in ICD-10. 

Online Education 

Recorded Presentations

ICD-10:  Beware of Looming Denial Risks Ahead
Presented by: Joseph C. Mazzola, DO, FACOFP and Matthew Menendez
By the end of this presentation, participants will be able understand the changes to ICD-10 which began October 1, 2016. This includes greater specificity when selecting codes. Identify financial and operational risks to family medicine practices in 2016 and 2017, and evaluate strategies to mitigate risks to cash flow and physician productivity.

ICD-10 Essentials
This webcast provides you with answers to basic questions about the new ICD-10 system. Examples of how to code in ICD-10 are given. 

Links and Resources for ICD-10 

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ICD-10 Encoder - What You Need to Know for 2017
Enter a description into the new encoder to find the best and most descriptive code to enter. A few extra seconds of looking for the most appropriate code can save you and your practice an audit.

AHIMA's Code-Check™
AHIMA, American Healthcare Information Management Association is offering subscriptions to “Code Check”. For a fee, you can submit questions on-line about ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS coding. Your question will be answered by a certified, experienced coder in 24 hours. The subscription covers all members of your practice so could be very cost-effective. 

NEW ICD-10 Resource for Family Medicine and Specialists
View information on some of the most common codes seen by Family Medicine and specialists. Included are lists of codes, case studies, and simple questions and answers to test your knowledge of ICD-10 coding scenarios. 

Recruiting Sites

Below are recruiting sites to use to if you want to hire a coder. They only place experienced, certified coders. 
Randstad Healthcare  
Maxim Staffing  

Chronic Care Management Services
Set up Chronic Care Management Services for your practice with these simple steps. Patients need to have two or more chronic conditions and sign a patient consent form. 

ICD-10 Codes - New for 2017
Look up ICD-10 codes from the name of injury or disease, gives you the ICD-10 codes to select from.

Coding Consulting and Assistance Resolving Audits
Strobel Billing and Consulting, LLC 
Coding Schools by State
Query about preceptorship candidates for your practice or to establish a preceptorship program at your practice for qualified coding students