Rubella Immunity Rates in Women of Childbearing Age in an Urban Teaching Hospital

Although rubella can be prevented with the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, some individuals have a weak immune response and do not have an adequate antibody titer to protect against the disease. Rubella can have devastating effects on a growing fetus, and while pregnant women are commonly screened for the titer, the general population is not.

The recent Osteopathic Family Physician (OFP) article, Rubella Immunity Rates in Women of Childbearing Age in an Urban Teaching Hospital, investigates rubella immunity rates in such women, recommending how and when to implement more proactive screening measures. Read the full September/October 2021 issue and then complete the OFP CME quiz—free for ACOFP members.

A Day in the Life of a DO: Dr. Katie Lincoln

I have been able to job craft to suit my highest callings. I care for patients in the clinic Mondays and Tuesdays. Wednesdays, I round in the hospital to see inpatients and act as the wound care liaison for my colleagues in family medicine, internal medicine and surgery.

ACOFP Women in Leadership Committee Chair Katie Lincoln, DO, MHA, FACOFP, shares a glimpse into her life an osteopathic family physician in a rural health system and in a two-physician household as part of the committee’s blog series. In the latest installment, she highlights how her experiences have allowed her to shape her role and make a difference in the profession.


Risk Factors and Disease Profile of Post-Vaccination SARS-CoV-2 Infection

While studies demonstrate a high rate of efficacy for the COVID-19 vaccines in clinical trials and real-world data, vaccinated individuals still have a chance of becoming infected with SARS-CoV-2. A recent article featured a prospective, community-based, nested, case-control study with self-reported data with the aim of identifying risk factors for post-vaccination infection, while describing the characteristics of post-vaccination illness.

The authors found an inverse association of age with the odds of post-vaccination infection, especially in older adults. They suggested kidney disease, heart disease and lung disease may all be tied to increased risk of exposure post-vaccination—particularly after one dose—but noted the need to be cautious with this association. Read The Lancet article to explore the study’s design and findings.


Resident Spotlight: Athena Chatzigiannidis, DO

Throughout my third and fourth years of medical school, I found very few rotations that I did not enjoy. I quickly realized a passion for treating women and children and recognized that family medicine could afford me the opportunity to do both.

The Student Association of the ACOFP continues to partner with the Resident Council on the Resident Council Spotlight Series. In the latest installment, students spoke with Athena Chatzigiannidis, DO, to learn more about her residency program, what being a part of ACOFP means to her and what advice she has for students.