Need for Increased Screening and Treatment of Anxiety and Depression in Adolescents and Young Adults in the Setting of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Samantha Gordon, OMS-IV, outlines the importance of screening for depression and anxiety in adolescents and young adults, especially amid the pandemic, and offers tips for providing individuals and their families with appropriate resources.. 

The Kind of Doctor I Wanted to Be 

In his first Letter From the President’s Desk, Bruce R. Williams, DO, FACOFP, details why he wanted to become a family physician and why osteopathic distinctiveness is important to him and is beneficial to patient care.

2022 Outstanding Female Leader Award 

Congratulations to this year’s recipient of the ACOFP Outstanding Female Leader Award: Natalie A. Nevins, DO, MSPHE. She is known for her commitment to those around her and serves as a source of inspiration through her roles as an esteemed military officer, educator, osteopathic family physician, volunteer and leader.

Primary Care: A Key Lever to Advance Health Equity

A new report identifies concrete practice- and policy-level actions that primary care stakeholders can pursue to reduce inequities and take steps toward achieving health equity. 

Housing is Health Care

Sara Robinson, MD, discusses the impact of homelessness on individuals’ health and offers suggestions for addressing this ongoing problem as family physicians. 

Osteopathic Family Medicine Educator of the Year Award: Joshua S. Coren, DO, MBA, FACOFP 

Priding himself on the professional growth of his students, residents and colleagues, as chair of one of the largest osteopathic family medicine departments in the country, he is a true mentor and leader. Congratulations to this year's Osteopathic Family Medicine Educator of the Year Award recipient: Joshua S. Coren, DO, MBA, FACOFP!

What Happens When the Doctor Gets Sick, Part 2

ACOFP Governor Greg D. Cohen, DO, FACOFP dist., shares lessons learned from his personal experience with a health issue in the second installment of a two-part series.

Excellence in Advocacy Award

By advocating for voices to be heard—both in the profession and in society—this year’s Excellence in Advocacy Award recipient is known for bringing a sense of purpose and passion to her roles.

Seizure-Induced Thoracocervicofacial Petechiae

Follow the case of a 31-year-old man with seizure activity and a diffuse rash in this clinical image. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award: Damon A. Schranz, DO, FACOFP 

Known as "a person who openly lives his values with compassion, kindness and inclusion of all," this year's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award recipient—Damon A. Schranz, DO, FACOFP—shares words of gratitude.